Critical Reflection on Oral Presentation

At the start of this module, I mentioned in my personal introduction that I had many years of experience when comes to both presentating and speaking to a large group of audiences. Despite the experiences I had, there are always more to learning as presentation is a form of art in knowing how to influence the audiences and direct their thinking to a single common point. My team, Task-Force, was tasked to give a formal presentation on our proposed solution on “raising awareness of energy-conversation through the installation of Eco-Tree in the new campus of SIT@Punggol”. After the presentation, I received several criticisms on my presentation skills with regards to the vibe I had send out to the audiences and the transitioning to the next presenters.   

During the presentation, I was so focused on projecting my voice and tonality in which I had tensed myself up when I was presenting my ideas and points across to the audiences. I was unaware that the vibe I was radiating came off a bit authoritative towards the audiences instead of coming off as being enthusiastic and confident.

Aside from my authoritative vibe, I was not able to transit to the next presenter effectively despite rehearsing many times on the transition of presenter. During the transition moment, I had suddenly lost my chain of thoughts as I was tensed and to counter the situation, I simply relied on my bad habit of using the words “hand over” to pass the presentation to Shi Lei.

Through this formal presentation, I had reflected critically on myself and found out that my root to all the elaborated criticism was due to the fact that I was caught up in my own thoughts and worries that I had forgotten to enjoy the process of delivering a presentation.

For subsequent presentation, I will remind myself to breathe and enjoy the process of delivering a presentation before the actual presenting to prevent myself from giving off an authoritative vibe and able to transit effectively.

To conclude, the presentation was one of the greatest given opportunities in Effective Communication as I was able to observe and compare each individual presentation style which has benefited in identifying my area of strength and weaknesses.


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