Critical Reflection - SIE Presentation Showcase 2017

On the 30th of December, it was our SIE 2017 SIE presentation showcase 2017 and I was the emcee for the first half of the presentation. The presentation show management team had put in a lot of effort and sacrifice to ensure the event is perfect.

Despite our efforts to ensure everything is perfect, there were many obstacles that we had not identified and we were forced to deal with it on the spot while ensuring everything is smooth sailing. When I was giving a speech to the audiences and the judging panels, it was very uncomfortable as I had to be very formal which caught me off guard. No amount of prior experiences had ever prepared me for this a formal speech to the audiences as I am very used to give an informal speeches.

Nonetheless, I was able to carry on with the presentation and gave it my best. Ultimately the most important areas that I had identified and wish to improve on in the future is to be able to give formal speeches. I would start learning on how to present formally as Professor Blackstone had mentioned before, many students faced the similar situation as me when they were delivering their formal speeches to other external boss on their ideas. Currently, the method I'm going to adopt is to refer to online videos how people give execellent speech while maintaining the same level of formality.

To conclude, the presentation showcase had given me a new insight and experiences different types of formal setting. It is evident that there is much to learn when comes to communicating effectively.


  1. Thanks for this fine review of the showcase. As I mentioned in your other reflection, that was an excellent event, beyond the call of duty. It succeeded mostly because you students did such a fine job.


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